Comment: Cover up already - and you fight this system by avoiding it

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Cover up already - and you fight this system by avoiding it

Almost the same thing happen to a friend here.

He asked for a breath analyzer test to prove his innocence, and they refues to give him one and beat the crap out of him instead. To cover it up, they kept upping the charges like is happening to your friend, like you said "Now they say the reason he was arrested is because he was driving tooo fast and he almost ran over 3 officers." In the case here, the stop itself was illegal - it was a bicycle cop following him from a restaurant and pulling him over in a car well outside his jurisdiction in the town next door.

After getting a lawyer, and suing for 300 thousand plus, the DA dropped all the charges except resisting arrest, a throw away charge that makes the cops look good and have something to prevent being sued in the future. Despite photographs and evidence showing perjury and worse, including a wound to the face showing the ring of the cop that hit him in the face there, the cops got nothing. My friend is out 30k plus fighting charges, plus medical expenses and healing up, which took a long time. He was afraid of head injuries for awhile.

The system goes after people that "want their rights". They beat them up and worse. The worst of the lot are DAs, how do you think they rose to power? First lesson: "you resist by avoiding. Second lesson, they are going to try to perjure felony charges against your friend to cover it up. You need a good lawyer right now, and one that files civil rights violations in federal court before they can perjure themselves in front of a grand jury. It also should be noted that a good criminal lawyer is not the same as a good civil lawyer - and the later is filled with people who will take your friend's case and roll - they treat it like a lottery, and only a few cases go through - the rest they just give over to the DA - who they will work for.

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