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I don't know what Ben Swann is. But the rest are Catholic. I can deal with Catholics. I guess I got all the downvotes above 'cause I don't see eye to eye with Evangelicals. As I said before, Ron, notwithstanding his Evangelism is not as extreme as the Evangelicals I have met (a good example is the down-voting I got for expressing it). They are not very libertarian. They believe that their beliefs are right/better/superior to all others. They force their beliefs on others. That is not very libertarian to me. Maybe that is why Ron does not act like one.

Anyway, I was making fun of the article for going to the extreme calling these guys Evangelicals. I don't want to argue with you about your beliefs. I am sure you don't like mine either: Atheism. Atheism and Evangelism are on the opposite sides of the spectrum and I just plain don't get 'em. I my lack of belief appalls them. So be it. Who cares? If all of these guys were Atheists no doubt most on DP would have a bit of a problem with it. I would only go downvote their opinions if I was in a really foul mood.

BTW, if I ended all my comments with an Atheist quote or constantly referred to it in my comments do you think I would get a bunch of downvotes? I would. And that is the difference between most believers and non-believers.