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Comment: What if someone who owes you money dies?

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What if someone who owes you money dies?

Do you show up at the funeral, interrupt the service, and act like a jerk by shouting about it?

Look, there will be plenty of time to piece together what happened. And we'll be more equipped to do that as the facts come out.

I'm not saying NEVER ask questions. I'm saying be SMART about it. The Alex Jones reporter was way out of line. All he does is make it MORE difficult to actually ask questions later, and makes people LESS willing to challenge the dominant version of events. Few want to side with the jerk who asks an insensitive question. But many more will be willing to listen to the rational, patient person who puts forth a reasonable argument at the appropriate time.

I've done a lot of plenty of research on how calls for "civility" can actually oppress. I know that literature in and out. And there is a time for "uncivil" speech when the powerful refuse to listen after multiple attempts to engage (e.g., the Civil Rights movement). This is not that time. Being DUMB about this will just be a setback to those who want to question official stories in the future. It's counterproductive.