Comment: Films made by our friends in the r3volution!

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Films made by our friends in the r3volution!

Like this one -

Christina Heller, who made is now working on The Spark...

David Crowley had been making movies since high school, and after a stint in the service, David became involved with the liberty movement through film, and is now doing so professionally. His next project “Gray State” is proving to be a vehicle of awakening across party and ideological lines, as this film chronicles what he believes will happen to our country if we don’t start listening to libertarians. David intends to use MSM entertainment to spread the message of liberty.

And David Kirk West of "Buck The System" ... his "aim is to become the premiere film making wing of the burgeoning liberty movement by both thrilling and educating audiences."

Want to help our movement grow? Help these young r3volution filmmakers see their projects to the big screen!

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