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yeah I'm aware

Cooper, RIP, had... shall we say, social issues.

aware of Cooper's works, BTPH, his claims on UFOs, his frequent outbursts, etc. no one in his sphere had any illusions as to the difficulty having to deal with him. while he may have been right to be paranoid, about everything, before his murder, he really was getting paranoid...about everyone.

there's always been a loyal Cooper contingent who always thought that "AJ's a shill for the NWO!" etc. Frankly if you actually heard AJ over the yrs from and since his Cable Access days, which I am one, he EVOLVED from a mainline paleocon with patriot movement sensibilities, with slightly better geopolitical world view than Limbaugh...then he actually saw what THEY actually believed, then he began to, slowly but surely, become more open minded and broader in his POV.

William Cooper exposed this man who was blatantly lying about Y2K, Russian nukes being armed, and just absurd claims that had people running to gas stations, and acting irrationally.

uh, not really. he didn't "expose" anything.

to call uninformed, ignorant rant of his youth as something akin to malice shows one's lack of discernment.

though, to be fair, his assertions that "Russian nukes being armed" is not that far off, as Ruskies, particularly, Yeltsin has ALREADY done it before; he actually put the keys in the Ruskie Nuclear Football counterpart, for the FIRST TIME:

Like I said, of all people, Cooper had a right to be paranoid, more so than most in the Patriot movement, but leading up to his death, his own claims and conclusions were off marker. It's been awhile since I listened to his archives, I have most of his works on HD...somewhere. Long story short, as a longtime listener of both, I can 100% tell you, Cooper was wrong about AJ.

Plus if you want to go by claims? You can shoot down 90% of Coopers UFO assertions, and oh yeah, the "driver turned around and shot JFK" 100% BULLSHIITE. As someone who actually studied anatomy and researched terminal ballistics in-depth, there's no f'ng way that a .45ACP coming out of a Colt 1911 would do a rifle round damage; more absurd is the assertion that the driver's shot coincided with the alleged E. Howard Hunt's 2ndary and tertiary teams for the passengers to be clueless of it? No, really? If you're in the car w/JFK & his wife, Connally, the Driver, oh yeah, you'll hear a .45ACP going off, even in a convertible.

You want to talk "expose?"

Cooper's "Driver-killed-JFK"-theory would put him at the bottom of the rung among the 'No-Planers' on 9/11.

But like I said, I'm aware of his works to discern what was fact from fiction; perhaps because some of his claims intersected with many other NWO researcher's documents, his non-UFO and non-Driver-shot-JFK assertions are easier to discern.

That's the thing, it's all info: you gotta know how to sift through it, and even be able to discern whether dislike for AJ's personality and boisterousness is clouding his actual work and 17yr+ worth of verifiable trackable history.

That, is why Cooper is more of a reference point, in my personal book, but AJ is in the "good guy" column. Frankly, nowadays, aside from the usual MSM detractors, most of his critics among the NWO-aware community is the "AJ ain't rabidly anti-Zionist 24/7 enough!"-guild. Personally, I'm sick of the latter, too. That, is why I can still listen to Rense and Rivero, and parse fact, opinion, and fiction.

Just info my friend, just info. Having researched both, I can assert that AJ is one of the good ones. 'Ol Bill was, in fact, very much wrong about him, just as he was wrong about his Driver-killed-JFK theory. And if you want to debate 'what makes one more credible,' you'll never win with Cooper, by any objective measure, the minute your debate opponent brings up Cooper's various UFO and EBE claims; if he got the JFK claims wrong, if parsing his claims was a sole qualifier for a judge of his character, along with his Driver-killed-JFK claims, he'd have no credibility whatsoever.

But knowing that, I still don't go around ripping Cooper, because I'm aware of the breadth of his works, his mil intel background, and his own personal circumstances with the Clinton admin demonizing him, because 'he was AJ, before AJ.'

Perhaps AJ's detractors among the 'NWO-Infowarriors' too should consider more nuance and judge them more holistically, over a span of time, rather than by a few of their claims, assertions, etc. alone. No?

PS. for anyone keeping score, it seems clear now that Aaron Dykes and Melissa Melton left together because...well...they're actually TOGETHER!

Happy for them, their site is up and running, and it looks great. Just hope they left on good terms with AJ, considering Aaron was one of his original and most longest employed co-worker.

seems like they want to take their work in more consciousness based solutions; perhaps more Icke on consciousness issues without the reptiles. LOL:

Check them out. They actually do look lovely together. They're both insanely thorough research hounds. They really do match. Good for them.

PS 2. also, no offense dude, but you're giving me a link from the Michael Squirmer's mentor, magician 'the Amazing' Randi?? Granted old archives of any shows that are hard to find, whatever link's available right? But still. Randi?

Talk about a charlatan leading the blind!

Just what do you think 'the Skeptic' Society who aren't actually skeptics, as that would actually require reviewing evidence without any a-priori presumptions, would actually think of all of Bill Cooper's wild claims?

Also, have you ever posited the possibility, like all of AJ's warnings leading up to Iran wardrums during GWB days, AJ/his audience and activists, and growing public resentment vs GWB actually PREVENTED the Ruling Class from launching some of their programs, on schedule?

We KNOW that the Military Brass denied Cheney's false flag 'dress SEALs as Iranians, shoot-down painted U2 over Iran'-plan, as revealed by Sy Hersh:

...and those same 'liberals' delude govt can't, won't, and have never committed govt-sponsored False Flag terrorism.

Also, no one knows how close we got with the missing nukes at Minot USAF base incident, either:

We have no idea who the 'white hats' are within the Military Industrial Complex who constantly interfere from us coming to the brink. We simply do not know to the extent in which mass public awareness, particularly as expressed by the Infowarrior-type activists, play into altering the Ruling Class' time-line on certain plans.

That is why it's even more dangerous to claim 'see, he's a fear-monger, he's warning nonsense for yrs! and they never came true!'

Well, if that simple geopolitical non-assessment were the rule, then you can lump in Dr. Paul in the same category, as he's been warning about the collapse of the dollar, since 1974. Yet, it hasn't fully happened yet, even though it is 100% clear that, that is the very inevitable trajectory we are on. So it's almost foolish to claim you're not crashing 20ft from a wall, in a car that's heading 200mph toward that wall; hey, you're still moving, technically you haven't crashed, yet.

Discernment my friend, discernment. It's just info to me!

Predictions in due Time...

"Let it not be said that no one cared, that no one objected once it's realized that our liberties and wealth are in jeopardy." - Dr. Ronald Ernest Paul