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at some point...

I had to decide whether I was going to air my "growing pains"(towards real American Liberty, away from Christan Coalition Reagan-worshipping Republican Partyism) from either the position of hiding behind a screen-name where I could really throw some mean-spirited judgments, or, from the full disclosure identity where people could know my name, where I live, where I work for "credibility sake".

Everyone is carrying a burden under this tyranny; but it is also necessary we FIGHT's not cool to label folks anymore than it's cool to shove my religion down people's throat in a "my way, or the highway" attitude.

Anonymous people who attack, and can't empathize or give space for the conditioned to get out from under indoctrination and Marxist-derived social engineering are not where they need to be in maturity for this revolution...

We're all going to run into that from time to time, but we can set the character by condemning it. I personally would rather not tussle with an anonymous insensitive attacker from a position of anonymity; because this movement becomes the Jerrry Springer Show. A legitimate critic has to put their identity behind their sentiments if they want to be taken seriously; otherwise, what do they have to lose for being wrong, or a jerk for a moment?

Cowards they are!