Comment: I wondered about you last night

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I wondered about you last night

and am so glad to hear you are OK. Thank you for your first hand experience and thoughts. I had never heard of "double tap." I saw a video where that happened though. So now I know what to call it.

If you think any of the pain is stemming from your elbow you might get an arm band. It did the trick for me and I was still able to use my arm while the tendon healed. My elbow made my whole arm ache and then my back etc. etc. as my body tried to compensate with protection for that one tendon.

I just got one at the local drug store. I am including the link so you can see how to wear it below the elbow. Some how the pressure fools your brain not to use the inflamed tendon.

Of course my MD didn't tell me about that. I friend on eBay whose husband does heavy lifting gave me the tip. My MD gave me a steriod shot and a steriod perscription and I was a basket case on steriods. Crying a pool of tears in the middle of the night while sitting in the dark on the kitchen floor. Not doing that again!

Best wishes Michael.