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someone who used to do kitchen and bath cabinetry and surface design for 3 years, as well as currently being involved in the hydroponic and aquaponic business, I want to say this is a neat product.

I watched your videos and I think some of your concerns are valid. Obviously space in most existing kitchens is hard to find. Retrofitting may be a challenge, but I could see it in newer high end homes where you have the ability to match the cabinetry going with exterior panels like you would on a Subzero fridge or dishwasher. The cabinet would be a typical 36 inch sink base?

Maybe I missed it but is it all self contained or would you have to tap into the plumbing in the wall somehow? (like an ice maker line?)I could see this possibly being a drop in application like a top mount sink, but might be limited to laminate countertops, as engineered and regular stone is hard and messy to cut on site. You could have a lid that goes over it when it's not in use, to open that countertop space back up.
Also are you depending on an independent light source under the wall cabinets to get the veggies re-rooted and growing again? How would that work on a stand alone unit?
All in all it's sleek and sexy. I could see one of the "Housewives of Beverly Hills" showing it off to her friends. It would definitely seem to be a higher end target market you'd be shooting for.
Interesting concept for sure. Nice job rustle.