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Thanks Jefferson (you had me at your name) 8)

Great feedback
I will try to reply as best that I can
1)The overall width is 32" with this model - 29" interior

2) The concept calls to have the appliance plumbed into the main water system, also you may notice in my video that I am holding a Berkey water filter -Thank you DP for that 8)
But the actual model is a standalone system with a reservoir underneath the counter (fish tank + fish). Unfortunately selling the idea of fish to consumers is not popular.. right now

3)The model is a retrofit 'drop in' sink with a custom stainless faceplate.

4) The light requirements necessary to keep food alive is very low. So you probably are ok with no lighting, however if you wish to grow food you will require grow lighting as is demonstrated in my illustrations.

5)You rock thanks for the feedback