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Sorry for the disjointed post. I was kind of thinking out loud as I was typing.
Have you had any troubles with humidity or mold build up inside the cabinet from having a reservoir in the "stand alone" unit? Smell? Maybe the mobile "stand alone unit" could have an optional sleek light hood similar to what the aerogarden has. (just thinking out loud here)

BTW, the aerogarden is only good for leafy greens and herbs since its lights are so weak. It's a neat concept, but does not always deliver as the pictures suggest. They may have improved since we first carried them.

It would definitely be cool if this could be plumbed like a sink so you could deal with your supply and wastewater somehow. But, that would seem to present challenges for retrofit. It could still be done with flexible lines that supply from the cold water cutoff, and drain into the garbage disposal hookup like a dishwasher does.
(thinking out loud again)

What kind of lights are you using? Compact T5 fluorescents?

One other thing to maybe consider, and you probably already have. Before a fruit or vegetable is harvested, the media in which it is grown is usually flushed or the nutrients depleted at the end of the plant's life cycle. This keeps the fruit or vegetable from tasting like whatever fertilizer was used on it. I see you've developed a really cool system that regulates the primary nutrients (and PH I think)

Have you had any issues with the flavor of the produce changing from adding nutrient to the solution?

Please forgive my barrage of questions. I really think you have a neat concept here that has potential. I wish you all the best on it.