Comment: No genius, you don't HAVE to do anything,

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No genius, you don't HAVE to do anything,

much less answer my questions. And no, I did NOT amend my replies to you, why should I? I stand by EVERYTHING I've said. Instead of IGNORING you, I took the liberty of being COURTEOUS enough to let you know "WHY" it was that I was not answering YOUR question. I GAVE YOU the reason as to "WHY" I would not be answering your question - THIS now being the FOURTH TIME. I thought that PERHAPS, just MAYBE, you would do the "decent" thing and say, "You know what, you're right. Sorry for the insults". That would've been the end of it, I would've answered your question, and we could've moved on from there. I would have been more than happy to answer it, as I already did to someone else.

And no, I don't have to "grade" anything. It's ALL THERE in black & white throughout these pages as to who is "civil", and who isn't. So as it stands, it is pretty obvious - you DON'T "get it". Buh-Bye!