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Again we disagree

One of the pleasures of DP is how many boombers there are like me.. because listening to Ron Paul and the campaign, "This is a younf people's rEVOLution".. we all feel pretty young, but it's pretty obvious many of the support groups, Young Republicans for Liberty, Republican Youth Caucus, Republican Liberty Caucus.. C4l, are programed for younger people.. and that's fine.. "We are the future", and I'm happy to help.

shill means I'm getting paid.. which I am not. While I'm not understanding of your possition beyond your hatred for Israel based on MSM.. seems you have done little research into Israel and Palestine on your own.. you're the "shill" for the UN.

Romney vote had me keep my seat so I could go to the convention and support the youth liberty groups and vote out the neocons.