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All I Got to Say

is you better watch your step! AJ does put out some good info, but pertaining to honesty, I would grade him about a D+. He extremely embelishes info reports, and he contradicts himself all the time. He tells you not to believe what he says as a misdirection, so you will. I listen to his show, mostly to here his way more credible guests, even though he tries to act like he knows more than they do about the subjects. The next time he has a specialized guest on his show, listen to how he intros them, then listen to what they say, and most of the time his no it all attempt is much different than the guests expert opinion. You could say he is more honest than Beck, Hannity, and the like, but if you want to listen to an alternative radio host who stays consistent listen to Jeff Rense. He brings guests on that tells who the 'real' PTB's are, and is not afraid to allow his guests or even himself target the Zionist/Talmudic Jews, that are the head of the snake on most issues plaguing the World. AJ likes to always say globalists and target some low level puppet to the Zionists, like Maurice Strong, whos daughter is married into AIG's founder and former CEO, Maurice Goldberg, who was also teamed with Kroll and Associates in the security of the World Trade Center. That's just one example, and the reason Jeff Rense, Michael Rivera, Jack Blood, and Marc Dice all left IW/Genesis Broadcasting. The House of Rothschilds always use several levels of operatives to complete their tasks. Watch 9/11 Missing Links, and you will see who was really behind the false flag. Here's Mike Rivero's take on AJ