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Comment: I would love a plug-n-play aquaponics solution

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I would love a plug-n-play aquaponics solution

I would love a plug-n-play aquaponics solution fitting in less than half a dozen cube meters ( sorry, more familiar with S.I. here :/ )

I'd have already bought it, mind you, even should that require to get rid of a flat screen. Or two. Or three. Or four. Between that and an entertainment center over $10K, I'd go for the former not the latter... "eyes closed" (so to speak of course). I want to see that thing grow my clean food by the loads and easily, seamlessly, so that a 10 year old could use it - that includes me, quasi-ignorant on food otherwise (dear wife may not always be around) - I can eat a lot, though!

I'm also already saving (fiat) for alternate affordable home-made energy when a breakthrough hits the market.

I agree with the OP: we all have our specialization domains, but one can't know about or specialize themselves in everything - hence the concept of consumer, duh. Consumer and free markets society: I'm all for it; debt society or big state/big-cronycorporate-reliant society: those I vomit.

Interesting idea re: election processes; I also advocated for another orthogonal improvement: in this information age, I still don't get how come the congressmen or senators of the Republic have to be sustained by the tax payer.

One wanna do politics? Fine, have a job or business first, then commit to your ideas about people's concerns in your state-local communities. No way that ought to be a full time job. Even less paid by my/your money.

Politicians ought to be volunteers.

My intuition is the public function married to GOVERNANCE POWER, with rent-seeking, has been a HUGE source of moral hazard in the ideas or practically, and political/legal corruption. And not just in the U.S., obviously.

My .10 oz/Ag. ;)

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