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That was great, deng.

Thanks. I am so appalled. Somebody down-voted you. I will clear it off with an upvote. That is what I love about Catholics. They do their thing, act humble, believe what they like, and leave everybody else alone. There are certainly some atheists who are too confrontational. I try to keep it to myself as it is an affront to believers everywhere. But I slip up when I have a bad day.

When I read the definition of God, that's where have to depart from believers. The three main elements of God, according to Wiki, are supernatural, relating to morality, and having human-like characteristics. Logically I cannot wrap my mind around any of the three. I think my morals are as good as anybody's (doesn't everybody) but I do not comprehend how morality relates to 'All that is'. So, as defined by common language, I do not believe in It. But, if we get rid of language and went by some shared feeling of awe or connectedness I would probably fit right in with all the believers. I am just a stickler for the meaning of words.

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