Comment: The Boston Tragedy - A Prayer

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The Boston Tragedy - A Prayer

Holy Lord Jesus,

You have defeated death, ascended into heaven, and stand before the very throne of God as our High Priest, interceding for us with your own shed blood. We pray, in this time of tragedy and suffering in Boston, that you present our petitions before the Father:

- For the Church in heaven, that she will welcome, with open arms, her members that have suddenly left their earthly existence behind;

- For the Church on Earth, that she will, with renewed determination, preach the Gospel of salvation, remembering always that the days grow short and the time is near;

- For President Obama, Governor Patrick, and Mayor Menino, and the governments they head, that they will wield the sword in righteousness and truth, with justice and not vengeance, punishing the guilty, yet sparing the innocent;

- For the suffering, the grieving, and all those who are physically, emotionally, or spiritually wounded, and for those who care for them, for you are the Great Physician, merciful and compassionate, able to bring healing and redemption even in the aftermath of this horrific act of violence;

- And, most especially, for those who have died in faith, that you would enfold them in your loving arms and fill them with your grace forevermore. Amen.

A Constitutional, Christian conservative who voted for Ron and stands with Rand