Comment: First, all we need is 10% of

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First, all we need is 10% of

First, all we need is 10% of people for it to catch on; so says a study that once ~10% of a population has the same idea, it has reached critical mass and will start spreading. We saw this with Ron Paul and his ideas.

Regarding ideas, marketing, marketing, marketing. It doesnt matter what it is, if you cant properly market it and show people, it wont work. Yes, investors like to come in and say what will be done, but marketing things properly takes care of some of this because you are more likely to find more investors that arnt trying to dictate everything that takes place. I know there have been many successful projects by people where investors did not try to take over things.

"Self Contained Aquaponics In A Box"
This is an interesting idea. First off, there needs to be an outdoor version. Converting sunlight to electrical energy then back to light adds alot of cost(due to solar panels depending on the size of course) to something that isnt needed in more temperate areas. Just what is your budget here? It doesnt seem like it should be that much out of anyones budget. The obvious question I have is if its out of your budget, how will it be within any average person budget?

"Solar Heat Powered Home Energy"
Now here is where I have some experience. I know of a system that was created by a Sir Charles Shultz. Used an arrangement of fresnel lens to heat up a pipe with water inside. He had a full scale version built and during testing, it wasnt in the sun but a few minutes before they blew a valve due to steam pressure.(the video is on youtube somewhere) I am not sure what the current status is on his project though as its been a while since I last heard from him. Where yours uses mirrors, his used lens to focus the sun which I find to be simpler in nature than mirrors. I think it might just come down to preference though because thye both do the same thing mostly.

"Hydrogen Storage"
That they rely on rare earth metals is a problem. These are called rare Earth for a reason and I wouldnt rely on this for any long term solution. Considering the number of other industries which use these metals, this idea isnt as great as it seems. The one thing though is that hydrogen production is inefficient. You would practically need a system for every house and hope the people dont drive alot. Yes, storage has been a problem, but production on a mass scale still is too, at least massive enough for use by millions of vehicles.

"Mass (commuting) Transit"
There are plenty of mass transit solutions and I wont comment much on it. However, the evacuated tube technology I have seen something of before. Would be great for quick long distance travel.

"Election Accountability"
I posted something on this on the dailypaul somewhere. Needless to say, I think everyone here can agree the process needs fixing.

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