Comment: Completely agree! Ben Swann

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Completely agree! Ben Swann

Completely agree! Ben Swann is down to earth, informed, fearless, and does a tremendously better job at explaining these issues than the fear mongering, wigged out Alex Jones.

Go ahead and downvote me into oblivion for criticizing Alex, I don't really care. Alex Jones may be right about alot of things but his presentation of the news is weird and creepy. He is also completely absorbed and egotistical to the maximum degree. I've learned throughout my life to keep my distance from people with those personalities.

Now Ben Swann, I have no problem sharing his very informative videos with others who are not as up to speed on issues as they should be. If I were to share an Alex Jones "Their coming to kill us all!" video I wouldn't stand a chance at changing minds, I would only succeed in making people think I'm just as crazy. Ben has a way of speaking intelligently without adding ridiculous fear mongering hype.