Comment: my WARNING to the Daily Paul segment who loves this stuff!

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my WARNING to the Daily Paul segment who loves this stuff!


I am sitting in the lobby at Northwestern Memorial Hospital in the heart of Downtown Chicago, I had a delivery I look around this impressive medical facility, and I ponder the education and wisdom and blessings from the Creator that has been bestowed upon our nation to have such excellent operations of innovation, technology, compassion and human prosperity; I dare NOT consider myself worthy of representative government, making decisions that would directly effect the ongoing GOOD work that is accomplished here on a daily basis, if I'm just some cocky conspiracy theorist and ideologue!!!

I'm telling everyone who has a heart for this movement and a desire to restore this Republic to it's greatness...SLOW DOWN with the rhetoric...Physicians, Emergency personnel, Hospital Administrators would never give me the time of day,.let alone their vote, if they thought I was some whack job Ron Paul nut, running scared that the government was going to "this, that, and the other".

America is not going anywhere, and she is fractured, her image has been tarnished, and certainly Godless evil people are doing what Godless evil people do,; well, back to reality, there's more of us than there is of them, and we'd better make our message seriously more palatable by distancing ourselves from this stigmata infowars taints our reputation with...

I don't want to leave the Daily Paul, but this is reality(where I'm at now, in this awesome facility); I have to gain the respect of THESE people, not anonymous bloggers who want to get my goat and mock me...we should be more critical in times like this!