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Comment: I Accuse.

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I Accuse.

It is very possible that the Constitution did fail.

Or rather: that NOBODY defended it properly IN TIME.

Only Ron Paul stood up to defend it as best as he could but he only came around in 1971.

God Bless Ron Paul. But:

your Congress was ALREADY corrupt,

your Senate was ALREADY corrupt,

your Supreme Court was ALREADY corrupt and God-powers hungry.

For, that's the latter who were supposed to be the defenders of last chance of your text, and they've been only massaging it for their OWN agenda.

WHO, in their sane mind, would allow central banking and its banksters take over the VERY notion of money for an entire people and country?


They RAPED your founding father's legacy, they are still RAPING YOU, us all. Even more so, by the minute.

So, what do we do, now?

What if trying to reinstate it or not wouldn't matter, in fact?

Would that still prevent us TO SPEAK OUT LOUD and in numbers to their face?

Would that still prevent us to ACCUSE, after only denouncing?

Would it not be the time to ACCUSE with all the intelligence and wisdom of liberty?

Would it not be the time for EVERY SINGLE of the 50 States to make the same accusation?

What do we risk? To make the government angry against us?

And so, what? Isn't it ALREADY unjust and doesn't it have the plan to coerce us ANYWAY?

This is coming to us NO MATTER WHAT, I think.

I believe it is time to at least call a spade "a spade" and engage in the non-violent WAR, LOUDLY, for all the other peoples on other Continents to see.

I accuse the U.S. Government of rape against the People's rights since 1913.

I accuse the three branches of complicity and active participation in the crime.


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