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No, no, and no - SMH! This is not a "BAIT" piece, however I can certainly see how someone who is "defensive" and sensitive about this topic could take it in that fashion. Thanks for finally explaining it to me - LOL

No, other than the 4th question, what these 5 questions ask, have NOTHING to do with "immigration", but have everything to do with looking at yourself with a different perspective and possibly learning something new about yourself, or teaching me something I was mistaken about. I found some people to be hypocritical, but I stopped myself from possibly wrongly "judging" these people as hypocrites, and thus proceeded to give them the benefit of the doubt by asking them to answer the following questions:

Do you support and abide by tax laws ONLY out of fear of repercussions and penalties?
Do you support the drug laws since drugs are "illegal" by "law"?
Do you support the Constitution and reject Un-Constitutional laws?
Is there a place anywhere in the Constitution or Bill of Rights that speaks on "LEGAL" immigration? "The Right To Travel" comes to mind. Think about that one for a second.

Lastly, regardless of whether you support a "law" or not, will you still abide by it due to it being Un-Constitutional? Or does this ONLY apply to the 2nd Amendment with you "Liberty" guys here?

I sincerely expected, and WRONGLY I may add, better dialogue and debate from my DP brethren. I was "hoping" that someone here would "SHOW" me that I was misjudging these people all along. BOY WAS I WRONG. Instead, all they "CHOSE" to "see" was that this was a "bait" piece and that I was "against them" and somehow looking to "expose" them. Expose them of what??? PLEASE TELL ME! I would argue that ONLY THOSE THAT FEAR EXPOSURE FEEL SHAME AND HAVE SOMETHING TO HIDE Are some here in that category? From the defensiveness and hostilities and lack of "RATIONAL" replies of some here, it would lead me to believe that the answer is "yes". The other responses to some questions I've rebutted within these comments have been met with evasiveness, the equivalent of demagoguing, and utter silence which speaks for itself. Why the lack of rational replies? Actions speak louder than words, you know?

Numerous times I've explained the reason for this post, and it's NOT a bait piece. But I can surely understand "why" some here would "choose" to look at it as such. No, the post was an effort on my part to have some people either:
A.) Re-examine their positions and hopefully learn something about themselves. Anything wrong with that???
B.) By answering my questions and explaining/showing me how they weren't being hypocritical, thus me learning a new perspective that I hadn't considered before. Anything wrong with that???
So is that baiting? No it's not.

Now on the other hand, maybe they couldn't handle the truth? Hence the feeling of being "baited"???

Who knows, maybe you're right dacaman12. Not on this being a "bait" piece as it was not my intention, but on ALL this post having achieved was confirming my suspicions all along. I guess in the end I did learn something after all. Just maybe not the answer I was hoping for from fellow DP members. Hopefully others have learned as well.

Thanks for you contributions to this thread thus far, and notably this one in particular.