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Comment: A big, almost impossible task lies ahead.

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A big, almost impossible task lies ahead.

First, I do agree that for all practical purposes the Constitution is no longer followed except possibly in certain trivial instances.

Therein lies the rub. We are so far astray from the Constitution that the task of restoring it would be truly monumental - if, by restoring it, we mean to follow it as originally intended.

Some things that I see that would need to be done.
*Restore the gold standard.
*End the Fed.
*End Social Security, Medicare and the Part D drug plan.
*Terminate virtually all of the government departments (e,g., the Department of Education) and agencies.
*Go through the zillions of regulations on business and determine if any pass constitutional muster.
*Scale back the Department of War so that it truly a Department of Defense.
and on and on and on...

Then there is parallel problem of the reorganization of state governments. Many of the programs that are unconstitutional at the federal level are perfectly O.K. at the state level. No doubt many states would want to pick up those programs.

Above all, the power to interpret the Constitution needs to be removed from the federal government. To allow a branch of the federal government to determine the extent of its own powers does not make sense.

If there are some powers that would be impractical to return to the states then let's be honest and pass an amendment to keep that power at the federal level. But does this open the door to trouble?