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Comment: Well, bear with me, thanks,

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Well, bear with me, thanks,

Well, bear with me, thanks, I've been on U.S. soil for 4 years only.

And no offense, but:

Now, what have you Americans, besides Ron Paul and just a handful others, been up to, denouncing, in front of your country's foundations treasonous demolition ongoing?

Sorry if that sounds harsh, it probably does, but I am now essentially trying to move on beyond just the sad assessment.

Also, I respect other people's point of view.

Assuming you are right and you may have been so before anyone else...

... fine with me.

Can we present it to all to see, and accuse, now?

We seemingly still have the first amendment usable for that.

Isn't any sort of non violent action for spreading more public knowledge about this plunder worth trying?

Anyone care?

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