Comment: Pull that trigger

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Pull that trigger

I swear sometimes people are just waiting for an excuse to make senators look bad.

Ted Cruz is one of the best senators in Washington, and though I don't like the sound of this amendment, we would all be better off with 98 more senators like him.

Go ahead, blast me for my opinion, down vote me to the 3rd level of Dante's Inferno, but if you're "done" with Ted Cruz over this then I don't know if you'd ever be happy with anyone.

*the previous rant has been in the spirit of liberty and love, and is not intended to be an attack or indictment on any particular person :) (I'm just sick of people in our movement expecting 100% of the time for reps to do what we think they should do, and the second they do anything to the contrary they've become a 'statist' and a traitor) - Bringing you Oklahoma, Texas and national news & opinion that matters for liberty.