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Well, my new fellow American, some of us have been

studying true Law. Vince is one of those.
Where do rights come from? Did you have any rights before you got to this country? Yes, you did. Wherever you came from, you had the exact same rights bestowed upon you at birth as any of us. Your government was more tyrannical, my government looked like a "beacon on the hill" perhaps. The truth is simple: Tyranny is tyranny, whether you are beaten with a bare fist or a velvet glove, you are being beaten by government forces that seek to deny you the rights you were born with. While Ron Paul sought to improve the way the tyrants behaved, some of us are trying to end the legacy of tyranny. The Constitution is the framework that enabled tyranny to take hold in this country, to insist it is perfect and all we really need is to go back to it is not rational.
Humans are born to self govern. It is a scary, terrible responsible way to live, but it is the only real liberty there is.

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.