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Awwww, honey....

I am way past worried, been through scared spitless and mad as hell, lingered too long in "hopeless" and finally got to today.
I once longed for a massive gathering... I got to attend the Rally for the Republic in 2008, and it was friggin' awesome. Truth is, if someone held a mass gathering, I would not attend. I mean, if it was in Boise I would go, but how many of you are willing to come to Boise? I cannot go much further, I have a farm. Those who are truly living for liberty can not spend any more time waving signs or having feel good get-togethers. Want to know the "gathering" that would really work? There has been an effort going on for years, global resistance: "United We Strike." When We The People stop circulating the FRNs, we will finally be in a position to take a meaningful stand. No one has to travel, indeed, everyone has to NOT travel for one day a month. The effort has never gained traction, and I doubt it ever will.
Really, the ONLY liberty you can fight for is your own. The sense of security you gain from having your freezer full of non-GMO food that you grew... And while we all sit around wondering when the BIG shoe will fall, the garden is a wonderful place to pass the time.

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.