Comment: Hmmm - I think you're both right.

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Hmmm - I think you're both right.

And I'll bet the answer is a silver spoon.
I'll bet you can contaminate the top of the honey with aerobic bacteria, but only the top. I'll also bet if you used silver it would not happen, for the same reason it does not inoculate dairy products with bacteria - silver is antibacterial, there are no bacteria on it to transfer.

Edit: Just found this:
"Some samples of honey have been reported to contain relatively high numbers of spores of C. botulinum. C. botulinum cannot multiply in honey because of the high sugar content. There is evidence that if bees are diseased, for example affected by foulbrood, C. botulinum can multiply in dead bees and this can result in high number of C. botulinum spores in the honey."

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