Comment: Stand by for more flase flags...

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Stand by for more flase flags...

The more I witness these false flags, and read of the ones in the past, the more I realize that we live in the GREATEST country EVER in the history of the planet with the most RUTHLESS DESPISED PITIFULLY CORRUPTED GOVERNMENT in the history of the world.

pol pot, hitler, stalin? They got nuthin' on these guys. bush 1 and 2, chehey, jp morgan, hearst, obombya, clinton, gore, rockefeller are ALL cut from the same cloth.

FREEDOM will bury this regime.

The good thing about America? We don't care how we do it. We would choose peaceful means but we won't shy away from taking our freedoms back, either, and reinstating our Constitution to its proper place however we are forced to do it.

Without these false flags THROUGHOUT our history, without the murder and assassinations of our leaders, without the destruction of the fabric of our Country, its jobs, its wealth, imagine where we could be now?

They are forcing our hand. The current dictator/puppet will create new executive orders, new false flags, until we, the people have had enough of tyranny.

God bless you/us all that now stand in front of the next false flag. It will be like no other, you can count on that. I sense they/the tyrants/the masters are tired of playing "nice".

They will take off the gloves now and it is not beyond them to take out whole cities. This new found strength we witnessed today in our Senate NEEDS to be strong.

obombya can ONLY hope to win now by separating us into fragments. Unfortunately, for him, that will ONLY serve to weaken him.

God Bless you all.

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