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Hi, yes, I 'm happy to give you my own words.

"If anyone can speak to god what then is the use of prophets?"

Not everyone can speak to God because sin separates man from God. God choose to speak thru the prophets. If a prophet was not 100% accurate, then that prophet was not speaking for God. The penalty for falsely claiming to speak for God was death according to Old Testament Law
"Why don't you ask god to send you down a new book because the old one is just not cutting any mustard with the science guys?"

That is a false statement. Only some scientists reject the Word of God. Jesus said that man should not live by bread alone but by every Word that proceeds from the mouth of God. I have the utmost regard for the Bible. It is light. Psalms 119 tells all the benefits of the word of God. Two of my favorite verses say that it is a lamp and a light. I memorize it so that I have power to keep from doing what is wrong. You could say it reinforces the conscience in a sense.
"With god's help I'm sure you could get it done within a year. Or if you're too busy, maybe ask your pastor to get on the line and tell him its not really working out fella, got to release the new edition?"

The Bible is 66 books written by 40 different authors over a period of 1500 years and is in complete harmony. There is no need to ask God for another Bible. Jesus said you have the law and the prophets and if you will not hear them, then you will not hear even if a man comes back from the dead.
"Scientists to be published need to go through a process of peer review. A blog or opinion doesn't matter to the world of science."

The news media censors the news and the GOP censored Ron Paul. What do you not understand about censorship? What benefit might the ptb in supporting false science and rejecting God as the Utmost Power of Authority and Truth?
Do you have a particular concern with certain words or facts in the Bible? Your statements regarding its utter failure are pretty general. If there is something in particular that you find hard to believe, or that you find as contradictory, or that does not line up with science, I'd be glad to help.