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TROLLS.....go away!

I've been a supporter here for over 5 years now, and I really can't believe some of the comments below castigating Infowars. Knowing Law Enforcement officials, I think I can say that there are a few really important questions here.

Why didn't the bomb-sniffing dogs locate anything?

Why, if the FBI, was concerned about any bomb the point they brought all their undercover agents out....why didn't they evacuate the location, as they did for the Boston Courthouse...duh!

Why is the FBI hesitating so much on a news conference, and WHO was feeding 100% of the BIG MEDIA outlets the apparent lie about having found the individual and that an arrest was "imminent", to the lie about having him in "custody". This whole thing smells to high heaven.

Infowars NEVER said that the men resembling Navy Seals were guilty. He brings all the video evidential information, though, to all of us & the world.