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Comment: Why would BIG MEDA on literally ALL STATIONS,

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Why would BIG MEDA on literally ALL STATIONS,

including MSNBC, CNBC, CNN, FOXnews, etc. be repeating the same things throughout the afternoon? SOMEbody fed them that information. It HAD to have been an "official". There is NO WAY the Media would have dreamed what was going on up. NO WAY, Sherlock!

They all said first that the authorities had the suspect in custody and about to make an arrest. Then, they recanted the story. Now, they say they have identified someone who put a bag down on the ground near a store. However, how do they explain the "drills" as stated by an Athletic Coach that was there, who witnessed first-hand that "they" were having a "drills".

People better wake up, and I don't mean maybe...