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As a long time member...

that has defended AJ on more than one occasion.. To family and friends to boot.

Ever have that friend that always gets to drunk and starts shit with everyone? Thats AJ. It doesn't matter if you are correct if you continue to act like a fool.

I saw my rating drop by over half over being pissed the fuck off at AJ for this insane rant.

I want to win elections. Thats why Im here. Thats why I have worked within the party. Its why I donate. Its why I am willing to make personal sacrifices.

Winning means something. Being purist does too.. but I'd rather revel in victory than talk shit in failure.

AJ is a liability. He comes unhinged and is counter productive to the victories we need to secure to move our message forward.

This shit is chess and not checkers. Our movement needs leadership and not sensationalism. Especially by those that refuse to advance our ideals.

Take what I say like a grain of salt.

'Peace is a powerful message.' Ron Paul