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Comment: cmon now...

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cmon now...

Did I say the attacks were by terrorists or govt?

Does it matter?

It was a terror attack. Period. Makes no difference the sponsor when it comes down to it.

This attack just set my view in stone. 30 innocent people died in Afghanistan on the same day. Over 100 injured to boot... All of them innocent people. Then again.. who decided if they were guilty?

Our policy is out of control and that is all I want to point out.

Did you hear that news anywhere? I found it on a British site. I posted this because it hurt. We are supposed to be the good guys.. but how the hell are we supposed to expect sympathy when we slaughter 30 innocent people in one day, while 3 of ours die on the same day?

It was a wedding for God's sake. Sure, it was a country that we are at war in... but the fact our policy failed to get its target just creates a worse black eye for us. Our policy nailed the coffins of 30 innocent people.

At what point is enough, enough???

'Peace is a powerful message.' Ron Paul