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You seem confused about what I am saying

If you knew how the law actually works this would not be confusing and you would know that the only thing I am saying is that the laws do apply and they apply according to their proper application and scope. Most have unknowingly consented to enforcement of certain laws and corresponding punishment that do not apply to them and never did. It took me awhile to figure this out too, so the confusion is understandable. So here is an example:

Two different factual forms of communication describing the exact same event where either can be true with the corresponding applicable laws:

Statutory code application:
A police officer pulled me over and gave me a citation for excessive speed.

Common Law application:
An armed man interfered with my path of travel and proceeded to use threats, fear, and intimidation to force me into contract.

Statutory application in the reference here means that YOU, the identified person, have been charged with a criminal infraction and will be subject to fines.

Common law application represents an accusation of Common Law criminal breach of peace in the form of criminal extortion committed against you by the accused.

See how the facts that are entered onto the record determine the application. Of course they also use STATE issued ID as prima facie evidence that you are the legal person/Citizen/citizen who has exchanged rights for privileges with limited liabilities and are subject to statutory regulation. Not only is it extortion they committed at first encounter but as their crime fest continues into the "courts" one who is aware of the law can simply ask them strategic questions utilizing exact quotes from codes, Common Law and Maxims of Law to explicitly identify obstruction of Justice, Fraud, Misprision, Perjury, Grande Theft, Racketeering, and many more crimes. All of these strategic questions when asked properly will be admitted by them; THIS IS EASY! Hell, one obvious explicit example of, at minimum, breach of duty is that every bureaucrat is utilizing unlawful tender that is private corporation's debt note. They voluntarily signed a contract but are breach of duty to that contract explicitly Article 1 Section 10.

When we know the law we can access its protections and it becomes easy to get them to admit to their criminal activity because they most them really are stupid criminals. They know almost nothing about Law. Some of them know everything about procedure but almost nothing about real law and how it actually applies. This is because they are intellectually lazy and ultimately just stupid corrupt men and women who have mens rea intent to control other people. This fact is obvious when one's thirst for truth in history and law has been quenched.

As far as this application to commercial companies with CISPA this is part of the lesson here. If we choose to contract with a STATE to create the limited liability entities then the regulatory code will apply to the capacity to maintain limited liability. However, proper interpretation of law will still result in the fact that any action of the powers of justice (Just Powers) will still require consent of the governed. Real law dictates that law enforcement will only respond as an agent on behave of an identified accuser accepting liability for their accusation to enable the dispute to be heard before the Jury. The nature of this agency and its very purpose in law is for the court and government to remain COMPLETELY impartial and to ensure that a valid cause of action is present.

Now Government is broken because We the People do not know the law and therefore cannot uphold the law. So now People think they are persons and they (incorrectly) think that the Constitution and code applies to everybody when it does not and cannot lawfully be forced upon anyone.

As for your comments about companies taking it to court over Constitutional issues. Yes this happens all the time. But it is clear from examining the case law that the battles are not performed in the most applicable way which leads to more confusion. The persons have no rights so arguing for rights as a person may fall within the scope of a privilege and thus appear that "rights" have been upheld but careful examination of the entities involved and applicable facts presented always end up demonstrating that the applicable code was due to the facts of the case presented and the legal status of the entities. One thing you never see in these cases is a full liability man or woman (one or more We the People) listed as an accuser against another full liability man or woman. It is always some Legal person vs another. In fact, now in recent cases the Supreme Court has even demonstrated that the court is taking another usurpation by suggesting that only the Legal person has access to the protection of our laws. If the Judges were reading what I am saying here they would know exactly what I am talking about but they also know that most Americans do not know this and know this ignorance is enabling them to usurp all powers from the People because quite frankly the People hardly exist anymore. The 14th amendment person was unlawfully thrust into the Constitution and offered to the People. Over time the people didn't even question because they never knew what it meant between People and Person so they just followed the crowd and unknowingly chose the person which is the entity created by the Government. Accordingly to Law rights are endowed by their creator. The Man or woman was created by God and the Person was created by the STATE and its person given to the bank as collateral for outstanding and future debt. The government is debtor the bank is the creditor and persons are the collateral. Most people have no idea what I am talking but I know that there are some attorneys and judges out there that know this. I have spoken with many who know and many who don't. It seems confusing at first but then everything makes perfect sense. Once you know this you can then see how they are usurping all power reserved for the people. It is obvious once you study enough law.

Usurpations have happened and are expanding all because We the People have lost touch with the inherent hierarchy of the application of law:

Divine Law
Natural Law
Common Law
Organic Law
Constitutional Law
Statutory Code Law
Federal/State Regulations

If we the People don't understand this then we are doomed to continue the never ending merry go round in their criminal fraud of politics until we completely destroy ourselves (believe it or not even this fact the law). This is exactly where the criminal usurpers want us. Ignorant, afraid and consenting to their authority and control.

If we understand real law and its proper scope and application at every level and WHY it works the way it does then we can begin to establish our own independent processes built around modern day technological transparency and statistical optimization that will make all this outright crime of current politics be the biggest waste of time and drain of resources ever.

I realize that this may not resolve your confusion but it is going to take much more time and energy then reading this comment to unravel the fraud and deception that is being committed against us. Their is systemic crime at every level and the politics will fade in its importance once people fully realize this fact.

Ultimately though law is VERY simple. At its essence if anyone trespasses against you in any way then they give you valid cause for seeking and obtaining remedy for their trespass against you no matter who that may be. Law also requires one to do what they say they are going to do.

Americans playing in politics seem to be blowing in the winds of the current gossip of the day which becomes obvious when reading through the millions of codes. These political battles are the result of a society that does not understand the law and where each thinks they have the answer to fix things and put the solution into code. In short, We have become a nation of men not a nation of law.

If we don't know the law and elect politicians then you are probably just electing the tyrants of tomorrow no matter how good the rhetoric seems. True representation is just that re-presenting. If you elect politicians then you get their policy. If you elect representative then they only re-present they are not deciders. The representatives are suppose to receive instructions from the delegate process of the People voice not vote how they please. We seem to have lost this understanding about a republican form of government too.

I hope you find your way to the truth. I hope everyone out there finds their way because there are many possible organizational structures that could be implemented that would bring about efficiency and optimization of modern infrastructure and security that has never been seen. It is completely lawful to start our own systems of security, arbitration, money, infrastructure and more. There is absolutely no requirement in law for us to be a part of this corrupt criminal system. Under Common Law we have every right to form new contractual entities with its own organic laws and applicable regulations and processes. In fact we can even have more than one if we want. The choice is ours and anyone who intentionally trespasses against us for exercising that choice is a criminal and we can bring them to Justice for remedy. Real law or politics? Which one do we want?

The most powerful Law of Nature is Time. It is finite and we all will run out of it. Use this Law to your advantage, for it offers you infinite possibilities...