Comment: All true Christians implicitly or explicitly made Pascal's Wager

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All true Christians implicitly or explicitly made Pascal's Wager

All true Christians have implicitly (i.e., naturally) or explicitly made Pascal's Wager with their brains and/or hearts only.

That wager is personal, individual, and intimate.

Force and coercion against others are nowhere to be found in it.

Faith does not equal religion, no more than the message equals the messenger, ever.

So, the so-called "Christians" you are talking about are in fact improperly denotated and I could return your question as if from a mirror by using instead "Atheist", "Muslim", or whatever : those would be anything but certainly not for liberty EITHER.

Christian's faith is about "the good news" we only and spontaneously share about, period. To he/she who has ears.

Not interested in it? Ignore it, then. Or tell them upfront.

If someone tries to force it onto you after you told them : well, they have an agenda.

An agenda similar - if not identical - to the agenda of those who pretend they're not interested in religion or faith, but instead of just ignoring it, bypassing the Christians' content, try to make it illegal, or destroy its expression and/or practice by anyone.

I've often wondered about those if they have enough of 24 hours in the day to go, beyond the Christians, ALSO after the Jews, Muslims, Buddhists, Hindus, etc... btw. That must make for pretty busy days of theirs, no?

An example of good, publicly known Christian, IMO: Ron Paul.

(In American politics, sadly, I can't really name any other. Too risky.)

How I know? Well:

Matthew 7:24–27.

Makes sense?

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