Comment: yes politics is pointless

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yes politics is pointless

Politicians just make laws and in the end it will implode under its own weight. I am more interested in getting rid of them.

So lets see, if someone comes to ticket me or arrest me they can only do so if I consent. And in the process of doing so they are harassing me so they are breaking laws so to speak (against me). So I charge them under common law. They can't charge me under their laws that I don't agree to. Do I have that right to charge them? I am still not sure how this will work in practice. I refuse to sign ticket...maybe they haul me off to jail which mean more stuff against me to use later. But since this is a criminal element I just might be locked away and forgotten about. But maybe the courts understand this concept and all works out best for me and bad for the harassers of me. But it would have to be a different court I suppose, one of common law. Do I just have to demand it?

Yes Reps are supposed to represent but that gets tricky when representing so many with changing views. We could do direct representation but there is still the problem of how to determine the wording and details of what goes forward. Maybe it is direct representation with wiki of sorts. In theory we should not need much representation because we shouldn't have to be doing so much law-making anyway. So, maybe that would work better. Senators represent more the State interests than the people though (in theory). Although the people in the states vote them in now so maybe one and the same in reality.