Comment: That's a very generous bill !

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That's a very generous bill !

That's a very generous bill !

Dang. I should have immigrated illegally, then, instead of doing it legally over three years.

Funny, why do I have the feeling that the administration wants to make a radical turn from a burdensome, tedious immigration process to a super-lax one with much greater odds of tempting those of the foreigners who are only interested in the welfare state?

Why not remove taxes and make sure the immigrants have a serious track record of self-reliance already or found employers actually waiting for them?

So, now, it's all about quantity and not so much any longer in quality/interest in the Constitution and laws of the land?

Plus, is it across the board for illegals, without incentive for honesty? So, all current illegals would become legal without having a look at how they've been making their income thru honest work, or if it was thru trafficking/fraud schemes?

Not very fair for the former if one asks me, but sure, a blessing for the latter.

Ah, socialism loves so much dependents and hates so much all forms of incentives, yes, now I recall...

Stupid me. Where was my mind?

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