Comment: This messes up the whole "official" narrative...

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This messes up the whole "official" narrative...

doesn't it?

Except for one little detail; the obombya administration has ALREADY been putting out that they REALLY hoped this is domestic attack else obummer would get blamed for anything foreign. (WTF)?

But now, its not from some lone wolf, right-wing, extremist boogeyman (to go hand-in-hand with e ricin guy), its home grown psyops! Its a coordinated, multi-level, planned shadow government ATTACK on our rights and liberties.

The American people are asking a LOT of questions today. Theres a whole lot of shaking going on in the pedophile halls of government today. Right, henry kissassinger? Right, bloomberg?

The pooch has been screwed. Why? Because these people are too stupid to be running the country, much less, trying to destroy it.

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