Comment: Seals?

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That tall doughy doofy dude is no Seal.

¿cui bono?
Same ME group that always does? Same usurper of rights (USGovt) that always does? The mercenary theory could be right. But who paid them? Occam's razor says the ME country and/or the USGovt. The big losers will be either all Arabs and/or 'domestic terrorists' (libertarians, teapartiers, White(enemy of 'liberal' media right now), Right-wing, 97% in US, anyone who questions government, anyone who appreciates human rights).

I hate to get into too much conspiracy but economics and power are ninety times out of a hundred the motivating factors for pretty much everything. Most 'domestic terrorists' (as defined by the PTB) have Internet. They would have to be dumber than a bag of hammers if they conclude that this type of thing will further their cause. It WILL bring more tyranny.