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Comment: Does god talk back when you speak with him?

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Does god talk back when you speak with him?

I have never heard God with my ears.
From your link:

"Larson and Witham close their report with the following remarks:

As we compiled our findings, the NAS issued a booklet encouraging the teaching of evolution in public schools.... The booklet assures readers, 'Whether God exists or not is a question about which science is neutral'. NAS president Bruce Alberts said: 'There are many very outstanding members of this academy who are very religious people, people who believe in evolution, many of them biologists.' Our survey suggests otherwise."

Are scientists subject to what they have been "taught" in a censored situation? And now children are being subjected to a censored situation?

Do you believe that majority consensus dictates truth and reality?
When multple questions and/or topics are in a single comment, it is difficult to answer each one while keeping the complete comment short. I will do my best to meet your requirement.