Comment: EVERY time the FBI "thwarts" a "terrorist" it turns out

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EVERY time the FBI "thwarts" a "terrorist" it turns out

they recruited, trained and supplied them. So, yes.... dogs or no dogs, the investigation will show the government was in on it. If you could provide ONE LINK to a story where a "terrorist" was caught and not shown to be an FBI dupe, I'd consider the skepticism warranted. As the evidence continues to pile up against the government, calling it a "conspiracy theory" to suspect the government is just plain willfully stupid. If the government hits you in the head 20 out of 20 times that you were hit in the head, when you get hit the 21st time.... is it a big, mysterious "whodunnit" for you?
Sadly, the rational question is no longer IF the government is involved, it is HOW were they involved.

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