Comment: No one knows who these guys are

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No one knows who these guys are

From the supposed Reddit post:

"From what I can gather from a few media outlets, the MA CST team was already on the scene. That must include the two guys initially noticed as well as the responding truck. [wait...what? Why must it include the two guys?]"

"Obviously these guys are legitimate, [What...why?] and the previously circulated speculation about them being Navy Seals etc are unfounded and absurd."

This idiot is disinfo, he calls other speculation absurd though he is only idly speculating himself.

Whether they are CST, Navy Seals or whoever the hell they are, they should be under intense scrutiny by the FBI. They look suspicious as hell in their actions before, during and after the bombing.

To be honest, ANYONE sporting a black backpack near the explosion should be pulled in for heavy questioning.