Comment: OP, from someone who doesn't follow the Alex Jones show.

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OP, from someone who doesn't follow the Alex Jones show.

Don't forget to look for answers when you question everything. Because if you don't have the answeres, then why should anyone listen to you to begin with?

This is why I don't listen to progressives, they only complain, they can not answer or understand. Before you lambast the 'conspiracy' theories, keep note that IT WAS NOT infowars that discovered this information. It was people that used a process of elimination and fact discovery. It was 4channers and reddit user internet sluthes.

1. They found images of the backpack used to conceal the explosion device.

2. They poured through images relating to the scene of the explosion.

3. They found through a process of elimination people that had similar concealment backpacks that matched the description of the device.

4. They found further evidence that the backpacks certain individuals had did infact have enough volume to conceal and have a IED device protruding.

5. They found evidence of those backpacks no longer on certain individuals in later photos before the bomb went off.

6. It so HAPPENED to be that two of the individuals were dressed in similar para-military gear. (Tan boots, cargo pants, black windbreakers, logo/moral patch paraphanelia (punisher patch)

7. They noticed odd behavior such as the lack of focus/interest in the race.

This is EVIDENCE son. In a court of law, if they get the wrong guy, the defendant has THIS evidence to back his case. How about before you question everything, do some minor investigative work on the source and don't build a bias because of the news that broke the news to the public. You question everything, but don't investigate anything. Don't expect ANYONE to take you seriously with that childish mentality.