Comment: maybe it'll breed jornalists

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maybe it'll breed jornalists

maybe it'll breed jornalists once again

i for one will not fucking witch hunt possible inocents over questionable proof

to all conspiracy theorists, i respect the nature of always asking questions, but when you say you have proof, learn to fucking present it in a way the leaves no question

a right answer for the right question

do not bloody moan, because liberty folks dont want to turn into the very people who use these fucking tactics, its a fucking insult

now, ive been holding that in a very long time, out of respect for your freespeech, and by all means, i encourage you to continue, even if its to berate me

but do not try to change peoples minds on this, principle.......i will not condemn someone over suspicion, regardless if i think they are entirely capable of the act in question

learn to produce something in a way that is without question, if its proof, call it proof, if its suspicion, CALL IT A BLOODY SUSPICION.....i do not fcking like seing something presented as proof, only because the poster forgets to mention it a suspicion, like it or not, its fear mongering

i mean no disrespect, as i said before, i would not put NOTHING past our governments, but i wont do so over a conjecture, and yes, i think we CAN get proof, when the majority of people learn the camera being mightier then the pen