Comment: Conspiracy Theorists Actually are Doing us a Favor

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Conspiracy Theorists Actually are Doing us a Favor

You are correct that everything must be questioned. Conspiracy by it's very nature does not readily give up it's secrets. So any suspicions about the veracity of what we are presented as "truth" about an event must always begin as "theory". All of us have a different "life's experience". So some of us may "see" things in an event that match up with the experience of "smelling a rat". Hence the beginnings of a "theory" is born. As with any theory the hard work of careful and meticulous research is needed to move the theory to the point of fact or to disprove it altogether.

The important thing about all these "theorists" sounding all these alarms (and this is key) is that their theories may fall on the ears of someone capable of initiating methodical research that may actually prove something.

Here's a case in point with 9/11. Early on, everything rumored about 9/11 was theory. In fact 9/11 created the most incredible rumor mill ever seen in our generation. Some of these rumors fell on the ears of Steven Jones who happened to be a nuclear physicist. Initially, he blew it off, but after being approached several times he decided to see if he could do some scientific research into the matter. It was his research with the help of other key people that lent strong support to the fact 9/11 actually was a real conspiracy (and now no longer "theory") that involved the U.S. government. I covered his research in my article here:

Yet there are still no shortage of theories on 9/11. Even though we now know as fact that 9/11 really was a conspiracy involving elements within the U.S. government there are aspects of 9/11 that still remain inconclusive. Was the Pentagon hit by a missile or was it hit by a plane? There are credible theories that can suggest either. A lot of research has been done on this aspect of 9/11 yet there is still insufficient evidence to prove one or the other. The research on that marches on. Thanks to the heads up from the conspiracy theorists we may finally learn the truth about what happened at the Pentagon.

Yes, the Alex Joneses and Jim Stones of the world are doing us a real service by promoting these theories. They have a life's experience that we don't have and, just maybe, they see something that we should take a closer look at. They are giving us a "heads up, that there may be something wrong here". It's up to the rest of us, if we are capable, to do the real research.