Comment: I'll admit that I am predisposed to distrust our government

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I'll admit that I am predisposed to distrust our government

Permit me to quote from The Freedom Answer Book by Andrew P. Napolitano:

When have presidents lied to rally support for a war?

A brief examination of our country’s short history demonstrates that many presidents have used self created fear and hysteria to justify war.

* To garner support for the Spanish-American War, President William McKinley touted the sinking of the USS Maine. McKinley claimed that a Spanish mine caused the boat’s destruction, when — according to the ship’s captain — a coal bin explosion caused the boat’s sinking.

* President Woodrow Wilson created the illusion that his soon-to-be World War I enemy — Germany — fired the first shot at the United States, when in reality Germany had notified the US that the British passenger ship, the Lusitania, carried illegal weapons and would become a German target in open waters. When the Lusitania went down near the coast of Ireland, 114 Americans went down with it.

* Franklin Delano Roosevelt was eager to fight the Germans, but he recognized that Americans were still reeling from World War I and the Great Depression. So he promised US citizens neutrality even as he planned to provoke the Japanese navy into killing American sailors, forcing him to respond militarily. FDR sent US ships into Japanese waters on so-called “pop-up” missions, and the US issued an ultimatum to Japan to remove all ships from China and Indochina.

The United States continued to monitor Japanese communications, but consciously chose not to prevent the attack. Eventually, FDR’s strategy paid off — and the cost was 2,403 dead from the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor and 405,399 Americans eventually killed in World War II.

* President Lyndon B. Johnson provoked an attack to spark the Viet Nam W, claiming that America was shot at first. To carry out this charade, President Johnson pushed through a pliant Congress the Gulf of Tonkin Resolution — which was itself based on false reports of attacks on American naval forces.

* As for the War on Terror, George W. Bush purposefully inspired fear and anxiety in Americans through every channel of channel of communication available to him. Bush and his team, not having presented any convincing evidence of so-called weapons of mass destruction, lied us into war with Iraq. If the government truly believed that we were all in grave danger, if terrorists were lingering in our airports, then surely it would shift all of its resources toward eliminating that threat. So why was Congress spending money on fertilizer (the $180 billion farm bill in 2002), math books ($40 billion), job training programs, and peonies ($11 billion annually for “community development programs)?

None of Roosevelt’s, McKinley’s, Wilson’s, FDR’s, Johnson’s, or Bush’s actions were[sic] morally, legally, or constitutionally justified.

It is a history of lying and manipulation like this that suggests to me that our "leaders" would do anything to create fear in the American people so that they would support the government's actions against our "enimies." Call them conspiracy theories if you must, but I believe that there is a basis for at least being suspicious of any events like the Boston Marathon bombings.

Certainly, the preponderence of evidence shows that the WTC towers were brought down by controlled demolition.

There is a sick, morally depraved pattern in many of the actions of our government.