Comment: The "healthcare" industry is the number one tool

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The "healthcare" industry is the number one tool

that the PTB use to enslave people and if you can understand it, they will herald in the precursor to the mark of the beast via possibly electronic tattoos or RFIDs for "medical" monitoring.

It meets most all the requirements in that people voluntarily accept it. If you don't accept it, it is getting harder to get and/or keep a job and other things. Scripture says that the world will refuse to give up their Sorceries (AKA Pharma)in Revelations. The "healthcare" industry has grown through ignorance and fear on the part of patrons and theft, murder and morbid practices on the part of the industry. And for those who understand the concept of Faith and Obedience they usurp the authority of GOD by trying to negate the natural course of cause and affect brought about by sinful behavior.