Comment: I too am a methodological skeptic

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I too am a methodological skeptic

But I agree with the post below conspiracy enthusiasts do us a favor. They expose this stuff and I personally don't have time to. They may be driven to do so in a way that we aren't, but if they weren't there's a lot of stuff we might never find out about.

To skeptics I say, rock on, but having a bias in favor of the official story is just as wrong as having one in favor of the unofficial. It's not wrong just because an overeager person gets excited and post the info in all cap.

To enthusiasts I say, "Thank you!", but I would remind them once the excitement is over, that everything is not always a set up. Sometimes you might need to look at it and think, well maybe this one wasn't a set up, the dots don't connect enough. Doesn't mean you have to give up completely but back burner it pending further data.

And don't take it personally and get bent out of shape when everyone doesn't come along as quickly as you think they should.

For myself, I may not always see it, but I do very much appreciate the work.