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Things are not what they seem

and there are better ways to handle the situation without having to go to jail. Although the "cops" are getting so tyrannical that jail is becoming and more likely. When they commit extortion against me I use the opportunity to collect all the evidence and their testimony on a recording of the event. Strategic questioning is key here and the combination of words enables the removal of any other possible explanation of their intent and will cause them to back track later on once they figure what is happening to them. If they try to tell me I can't record the encounter then I just explain to them that they are under criminal investigation and I am gathering evidence of their criminal activity. This puts them in a major pickle. They have the right to remain silent and anything they say can be used against them in court of law. They also have the right to not self-incriminate themselves but they intent is to commit crime against us and they are too stupid and ignorant of law to understand any other this. In essence I reverse the roles and do unto them as they do unto others except for violence. I just use all of their investigative tactics against them. This is very confusing for them because they realize that you know their training and they begin to wonder if I am law enforcement. Let them think this. I am enforcing the law but I am not a "law enforcement officer"

What I do is utilize every second until the point of them arresting to question and enter in facts of my understanding. If the "cop" doesn't just leave, which sometimes they do, and they get to the point where kidnapping seems inevitable then I void their contract by writing under duress on their documents. This will enter the facts into the case and open the path for the harm against me to fully exposed in the court and to open all questions needed for clarity in the court.

As far as the "Charge" against them; the word charge does not necessarily mean what you may think. The charge is against the person and puts all determination of prosecution into the hands of the DA/State Attorney who are the biggest criminals of all and will never prosecute because their job is to protect the on-going criminal activity and authoritarian control.

A charge enables their power in administrative courts. A criminal accusation puts me in the accusers seat and makes me liable for accusation and enables access to a Court of Law. Criminal accusations against another are taken to a court of law to be heard by a Jury. This accusation is supposed to be filed with the magistrate along with all elements that make up a valid cause of action but even this process of law that is nearly a thousand years old is going away in most cities. Now it seems that since the magistrate cannot be accessed or that the magistrate will breach their duty for the very purpose of protecting the criminal racket they are a part of all of this evidence needs to go to the Grande Jury for criminal indictment.

The Grand Jury has much more power because they can conduct an investigation prior to an indictment to discover facts and they can issue wiretaps warrants, search warrants, subpoenas for testimony and more. This is what they don't want us to know because once we realize this in mass they are totally screwed. Where I am at they put the magistrates only in the Jails and inaccessible to anyone who is not being booked (another usurpation), it seems I will have to take it to the Grande Jury which I have attempted to do and this is where their obstruction of justice felonies began inside the "courts". This is why I am being patient and thorough in my criminal investigations against them. I want to collect as much evidence as possible so that when the Jury is finally accessed the evidence will be thorough and completely mind bomb the Jury into seeing the systemic crime going on. This is what I am doing with my knowledge of I have obtained but others are doing other things. Of course all of this happening outside of my daily work so it is going very slowly at this point. I am working to gain enough resources to be able to do this full time. IMHO if the Ron Paul supporters and liberty movement in general were aware of this and understood the power of this then the shear numbers focused on this would completely overwhelm them and MUCH more intelligence could be collected and consolidated. This would be overwhelming for them and would have much more affect on the Jury. Imagine a thousand people showing up at Grande Jury with hard evidence of their crimes seeking justice. This never happens right now and would be a major game changer that the criminals would not know how to do deal with. They commit a false flag or something but this would only be worse for them. We need to get in our minds and actions that no one can escape the long arm of the law. And no none of what I am talking about has to laws we don't like not applying to us. That's not what I am saying here. Laws have applications to their creations. Rights are endowed by the creator. You have to know what the "creation" is and who the "creator" is. Then we can understand what laws apply to what entities. Your STATE issues ID is not God's creation it is the STATE's creation and that is the identity the courts are talking to. If you realize the difference then applicable laws change accordingly but if We the People don't explicitly assert the facts then they will presume based on the evidence given.

As far as your comments representation gets tricky when dealing with so many but once realizing all other processes of delegation we can then identify what I believe may be the biggest failure in Constitution. The delegate process for presentation to a representative is not defined and is does not have a defined quorum. Imagine if representative had a quorum requirement for re-presenting say 75% of their constituents were required to have quorum. If this were the case then NO BILLS would EVER get passed that we not seriously needed by everyone. If the representative did not obtain a presentment from the People then they would have to simply abstain which would happen for every bill we have seen in modern history because most people do not participate in politics and this would become a protection and not a hindrance. Right now many people claim that others just need to 'wake up' so that we can get the right person in to represent us. No we don't need that. We need to understand the natural order of things and realize that if 75% or more of the people are demanding legislation then it doesn't need to be there.

I have a vision for how to implement a delegate process that enables the process to be broken down into enough discrete chunks where it is manageable for everyone and has a quorum structure to it but this is on the back burner because nearly everyone I see is completely confused about what to do and their only actions are to stay on the merry go round. It seems that they are going to have lose everything before they stop operating on baseless opinions and actually learn the law and the history of law that has been intentionally hidden from us through acts of fraud by a criminal conspiracy.

The most powerful Law of Nature is Time. It is finite and we all will run out of it. Use this Law to your advantage, for it offers you infinite possibilities...