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Not sure what you are trying to say

"Proof of the sort they are seeking, forensic or otherwise, IS COMPLETELY CONTROLLED BY THE AUTHORITIES WITHIN MOMENTS AFTER THESE EVENTS. We out here in alternative media will never EVER get our hands on the actual evidence of these crime scenes. Furthermore, we have no right or ability to interrogate eye witnesses, subpoena them, or obtain unedited documents that are again CONTROLLED BY AUTHORITIES."

Let's be clear here, asking for "proof" of a false flag and asking for evidence that leads you to believe it was a false flag are two different things. With events like this in Boston, it is not correct to say that all the evidence is controlled by the authorities. It happened in public in a crowd of people who probably all have a high definition camera on them. Look at how yesterday Alex Jones posted the very same picture of the two suspects that the officials have shown today as their suspects. Anybody(or many people for that matter)who were taking video could have unintentionally recorded one or both of the bombs being dropped, and who it was that dropped them, there's nothing to stop that from happening. Nothing stops you from looking at the pictures and identifying people there that would be witnesses and finding out who they are and interviewing them, it has been done many times for different events that have been questioned.

I don't think you believe ANY story from ANYBODY without checking out the evidence available. I mean whatever conclusion you come to about anything, there is some reason, some evidence that convinced you, to come to that conclusion. If you want people to believe something without any evidence whatsoever to support that belief, then you should expect to fail often. I don't know about you all, but I reserve judgement believing anyone's theory, official or otherwise, until I have seen enough reason to.